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Want to secure your hot tub when it’s not in use?

Install a Spa-Lash and get peace of mind.

Usable and durable the Spa-Lash locking mechanism is a simple solution to prevent unauthorized access to your tub. But more importantly the user friendly system is the ultimate child safety feature for hot tubs. We all know kids are drawn to water and according to B.C. Children’s Hospital 53 per cent of all toddler-drownings are caused by hazards in and around the home.

The Spa-Lash is a climate tolerant, water and blade resistant child proof strap made with UV protective webbing, stainless steel and has a key entry lock.

Already in use across North America the Spa-Lash secures the entire hot tub cover using a single strap—leaving you assured that your tub is protected and your children are safe.

Invaluable and affordable, the Spa-Lash is a must have item for every hot tub owner.

Spa Lash Features

• Usable and durable
• Waterproof
• Child proof
• Climate tolerant
• Blade resistant
• UV protective webbing
• Stainless steel
• Key entry lock
• User friendly
Simple to install

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