The Spa-Lash is the latest innovation in hot tub security.

As diligent owners of a busy hot tub service and maintenance company at Sun Peaks Resort B.C. for the past nine years we were growing tired of inefficient and ineffective spa locking systems. As a result we were constantly coming up against unauthorized hot tub use—people stealing a soak in spas when our clients were absent.

With this in mind we were inspired to devise and design a locking mechanism for hot tubs that really works, and in 2005 after much research we got the idea for and created the Spa-Lash—a simple solution for hot tub security.

Designed to add another layer of safety and security to the spa environment, the Spa-Lash a patent pending product is a safety feature that’s as essential to hot tubs as the jets are, because not only does it prevent the tub falling prey to poachers, but it’s also child proof—protecting children from no uncertain death. If we can contribute to saving a life, we’ve achieved our goal.

Since the Spa-Lash hit the market it’s been snapped up in both Canada and the U.S. an encouraging prospect for us. We consider ourselves industry leaders who hope to provide the more than 17 million hot tub owners across North America with an efficient, spa safety system that’s adjustable and easy to install, durable and usable.

We’re proud of successfully developing our high quality spa security strap and are happy we can offer it to you. Part of our plan is to make the Spa-Lash readily available for purchase both on-line and in stores country-wide, and who knows, maybe eventually world-wide, making it easy for existing and future hot tub owners to have easy access to what we believe is the ultimate in hot tub locking mechanisms.


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