1) Position Spa-Lash (A) across the hot tub lid, blue stripe facing up, to approximately where both anchor (B) and lock & hasp (E) will be affixed to the tub. (Perpendicular to the center seam)

* Remember to allow the Spa-Lash to double back around the axle for adjustment after the hasp has been located and affixed.

* Remember anchor (B) goes to the back of the hot tub. Lock & hasp (E) is mounted on the opposite side, usually the entrance side or front of the hot tub.

2) Mount the anchor bracket to the back side of the hot tub. The bracket is typically mounted within the top 6” of the hot tub skirt. When mounting the anchor bracket on the tub, using #6 wood screws (4), only use the 4 outside pre-drilled holes.

(Do not use the middle two holes
that have a closer alignment).

3) Using the blank end of the Spa-Lash, run the Spa-Lash between the bracket face and the axle rod, towards the top of the tub approximately 4” or what is required to land the lock & hasp properly on the front side of the hot tub. Temporarily place the Spa-Lash in this position and proceed to the front of the hot tub.

4) Mounting the hasp - First put light tension on the belt so that it lays nice and flat across the top of the tub. Visually locate approximately where the hasp will be affixed so as to keep the Spa-Lash locked with no tension on it from the hasp. This Spa-Lash is not required to be tight - only positioned. Now affix the hasp with 4 #6 wood screws.

5) Affix the lock so as the hasp aligns with it and the lock can function properly without any interference from poor alignment by the installer. Now that all the hardware is in place move to the back of the hot tub. Locate the last 2 #6 wood screws and the 2 #6 finish washers. You can now align the Spa-Lash in the bracket and set the Spa-Lash in the position you want it to be permanently set at.
(No Tension)

Locate the two center holes on the anchor bracket and screw through the belt into the cedar skirt of the tub through the two remaining bracket holes. (Only screw through the yellow facing portion of the Spa Lash – not both layers).

6) Check that the Spa-Lash, lock and lid perform comfortably. Again, make sure the blue stripe of the Spa-Lash is facing up. If you are satisfied through proper installation that the Spa-Lash is performing properly then tap the anchor plate in place on the anchor bracket and you are complete.

Note: You may be required to re-adjust the length of the Spa-Lash
after about a week once everything relaxes a bit.





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